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God’s Control

   God wants all His created humans to be with Him, but because of sin this will not be possible until, first, we choose to honor Jehovah as our God and second, not until death is destroyed, then, all those who have chosen to cleanse themselves will be sealed, right before Christ's second advent, all things will be as God had designed them to be, before He set things in motion, then the glory of being with God Jehovah and His Son will commence for an eternity.

    Sin entered the world when Adam transgressed God's one command. Since then, Adam, Eve and their seed, have been under the influence of Satan for 6000 years. Satan has been working continually to deteriorate our connection with God and to influence us to act contrary to Jehovah's perfect law and system. Any willing transgression of God's commandments would be a sin and God will not allow sin to contaminate His perfect heavenly environment. That is why the originator of sin, Satan was thrown out of Heaven, along with the angels that accepted his lies. God's environment, including the new earth will not be contaminated by sin, or anyone holding onto that sin.

   God's love for us is unconditional and He desires our love in return, so He gave us the right and the ability to choose, which is also a responsibility. Love is only present where a choice to love is made. Do we want to live with God Almighty and His Son in the Kingdom of God, or would we rather choose the alternative, (not choosing includes us in the second group)? Since God is our Creator and sustainer, the alternative to the Godly Kingdom He offers is totally void of everything, but He leaves this choice completely up to us. God’s Kingdom is perfect, because God is perfect, but in order for us to exist with Him, we need to be cleansed, to be as Adam was before he sinned, in a righteous state. We inherited this responsibility of choose since we are the sons and daughters of Adam; his choice to sin was passed down on us, in a sinful environment. Eve was fooled by Satin's lies, but Adam chose to sin, both having eaten from the forbidden tree, and this altered our nature and our environment, the earth itself. It is our individual responsibility to repent of our sins, each of us will be the only one to experience the result of our choices, we need to understand that the consequences may be severe, “For the wages of sin is death; but the free gift of God is everlasting in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23). Christ unlocked the door to our salvation by His sacrifice on the cross and we need only to follow His lead, which can only be done by learning the information and instructions within the pages of the book Christ gave us, from His Father's words, about our Father, the Bible and to make its content part of our heart and our life.

   God’s plan to accomplish salvation for us was put into action right after Adam sinned, as we read God’s words spoken to Satan in Geneses 3:15 “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed - He will bruise your head, and you will bruise His heel.” and following that, the Bible’s Old Testament was filled with predictions of when and how the Messiah would arrive for His first advent.  The sacrificial system was put into place while the Israelites roamed the desert; this system was a clue (a shadow) of the coming Messiah, the Lamb of God, His purpose was to be the perfect sacrifice for the forgiveness for our sins, replacing the sacrificial system involving innocent animals, that were allowed as a substitute for man's wages for sin, and Christ became our perfect substitute on the cross. All this was part of God’s plan, first to discard the sacrificial system at the cross, then to discard sin from all existence, shortly after the 1000 year rest period of earth itself, finally creating the new earth for those raised in the first resurrection at Christ's second advent.

   According to the prophecy given to Daniel in chapter 8:14, Jesus (the Messiah) came on time, died on the cross on time and was resurrected on time, all within the 2300-year prophecy. Death was conquered of Him for our hope, He walked perfectly in His Father’s Commandments and we are to follow Christ’s example under His strength, down the treacherous path to the narrow door to the Kingdom of God.

    Before we can fully understand what salvation from our sin is, we need to know and understand what sin is. We can read that sin is, the transgression of God’s law, but God’s chosen people, the Israelites, not only saw the list of sin written on stone tablets, they also heard God speak His laws with His voice and they still transgressed one of them shortly afterward. The Israelites agreed to keep His commands but they could not hold pure, because they did not yet, understand the results of sin, just by reading or by hearing them, so He showed them over and over again what they needed to understand, the effects of sin, the results of sin, the consequences of their transgressions against God’s perfect government. In the Old Testament, God sometimes passed judgment immediately, to show His people the results of their transgression, not just as an example for them but for us to a better understand, to know the sure consequence of sin. Hearing and seeing the written law wasn’t enough for the Israelites and it also isn’t enough for us. Haven't we proved this over and over again?

   Since Christ death on the cross, God, in His mercy has given each of us a lifetime to educate ourselves and make the necessary changes before each individual's time runs out. God is also helping us by allowing a certain portion of our sins and our earthly companion's sins to reach their natural results and conclusions; this is for our education and wisdom. The more we read God's instruction Book, the easier we can recognize our own sins. The sins of others are to be viewed by us to better understand its results so we can guard against committing the same acts ourselves. In addition to our guilt in committing a sin, the recipient of each sin usually rest on someone else and this also is for us to witness, to feel their pain and learn of their suffering by our sin. The results of crime and war are sometimes allowed by God (including “9/11”), not caused by His hand but allowed, to make us more aware of our desperate situation by departing from God and the seriousness of sinful acts. The USA homeland was protected by God for it’s first 200 plus years because we were, at first, a nation for and of religious people, having been established for the purpose of religious freedom. During the 20th Century the number of people trusting in the God of the Bible dwindled and so has God’s protection, just as God allow the Israelites to be captured, about fourteen times, when they drifted from trusting in Him. Satan is continually leading us to destruction because he knows that death is his sure fate and wants to take as many with him as possible and many are being fooled by his deceptions without knowing that their fate lies with Satan's fate.

  God’s control is guiding the world to a certain destination, to a certain outcome, having allowed Satan’s reign over this world, but only to a degree and for a certain amount of time, ultimately keeping the world on God's schedule. Jehovah sometimes intervenes to prevent things from going too fast or too slow or if He wants to protect certain people or even eliminate certain ones that will disrupt His schedule. Satan has been succeeding in proving that God’s system is and always will be perfect and just, by us seeing the results of trusting in God and not the deciever. God allows certain people and the leaders in power to carry out His plan, showing us that sin leads to destruction. It’s stated in the Bible that God hardened Pharaoh’s heart so He could show the nations His might, so they would fear the Israelites (Rom 9:17 referring to Ex 9:16). He also put Neduchadnezzar into power to rule the known world because He needed to punish His people, plus the other nations, with captivity or destruction because of their disobedience to His perfect guidelines, His commandments.

    The Creator of our existence is still totally in control of all things and life remains on His schedule, but He will not let sin continue too much longer, to its natural end (total destruction). First He wants to seal His chosen saints, "Here is the patience of the saints; here are the ones keeping the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus." (Revelation 14:12), before He ends this world’s current existence. He desires as many of the inhabitants of this world to choose life. He will send His Son, His Sheppard, to bring those that have made their choice to live in His home, who have prepared themselves for, first, New Jerusalem, then the New Earth.

   In God’s word, Jehovah's predicted occurrences are spelled out in prophecy, most have already happened but the worst are yet to take place because sin continues and increases. He also has given reference to His control of things throughout the Bible, by stating this or that is being done “to fulfill prophecy”, so we know that He is in control and we can depend on His account of the things yet to come. It is most important that we know what is to happen so we are ready and not fooled by the deceptions and tricks Satan has planned. Reading the Bible (all of it) is our only lifeline and roadmap to the salvation promised to those who follow Christ, to the home God has planned for us. Could there possibly be any solid reason not to choose life eternal? Do you have a solid reason not to read the only instruction manual God has given us? God's word is for wisdom, direction and salvation, which is a gift from Jehovah, God, through His Son, Jesus, our way home.

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