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   Every day we need to nourish our body with an input of quality foods and it is important how we do that, if not done properly, we could eventually have physical problems. We also need daily nourishment of spiritual food, and again it is important as to what we use for nourishment, and in this case it’s even more critical as to the source and its content. The food for our body is varied and the list is seemingly endless, just visit another country and you might not recognize most of what is available to eat. What isn’t good for nourishment for our body is described in the guidebook for our existence, the Bible, established by the Creator, and we can rest assured that He knows what is best for our bodies and what will be damaging. As for the source of spiritual food, we should use the same guidebook, the Bible, and this is our only standard of pure truth, all other instructions and guidelines on life must be compared and weighed with this one book, God's word. I also find it important as to what version Bible you read, this makes a difference, since there are so many to choose from, and all are either slightly different or have a marked difference. This of course is totally up to you, according to your conscience and understanding. May I add a piece of information that might be important in your decision-making, there is a Bible that may not be on your list, an Interlinear Bible which contains the Hebrew and the Greek text, along with a Literal Translation. Most all Bible versions use the same Greek and Hebrew originals, but realizing all the many versions are different, it seems wise to have the originals for judging the various translations for its purity. Unfortunately most Americans can’t read Greek or Hebrew, but the J.P. Green Interlinear Bible, that include tools to give you the ability to read the originals for checking the translations of your version, or even the "Literal Translation" supplied in the J.P. Green Interlinear Bible, to make your own judgment calls as to what English meaning fits correctly, since there is usually a large list of English meanings for each Hebrew and Greek word. The J.P. Green Interlinear Bible is my choice because, not only does it contain the Greek and the Hebrew text, but under each word is a direct translation (according to their translators), and above, a Strong’s Concordance number so you can look up the various meanings to each word in the Strong’s dictionary part and compare with the other uses in the Bible. The left column is a Literal Translation, which basically makes grammar correction for English. This Bible also reads without “Old English” used in the King James Version Bible.

    A daily connection with God's spiritual nourishment is so important in keeping us grounded to His truth, focusing on His directions and receiving input through His spirit, giving us a daily opportunity to communicate through prayer, along with the education received from reading His word. Speaking with the Father every day in prayer and reading what Christ has written, through inspiration is a perfect match, one without the other is depriving you of the full blessings He wants to give you. The other part needed is to read the entire Bible, at your comfortable pace, to arm yourself with the ability to evaluate other material which you may read. He wants to share with us the understanding that only comes via His precious words. There is a multitude of books explaining what God's word says, but Christ actually says it best through His inspired writers. This one Book is all you need for His proper guidance. Christ did not forget to include anything, nor could He. Reading some of it doesn’t give you the entire story or arm you with all its benefits, it also is easier to fit all the pieces together when you have all the pieces. Just reading verses to explain this or that doesn’t give you the entire picture. It is said that almost anything, good and bad, can be proved using just parts of the Bible, by picking and choosing. If you use the entire Bible, the truth will rise to the surface and bless you significantly. I have found a consistency throughout the Bible that can only be achieved by reading the entire Book, and one read is certainly not enough. You also need to be patient, for the gifts of understanding will arrive a portion at a time, according to His timetable and your abilities. Patience must be exercised and you should appreciate that He knows what is best for you, when and what we are to understanding first, avoiding confusion is most beneficial, His way is perfect.

    I often hear the term “walk with God” and “follow Jesus” this is exactly how this is done, by reading the words of the Bible, Jesus, being the Word of God as its author, giving to us God’s words and revealing His character through His chosen writers. Christ's words, which are His Father’s words,

can guide us home to the Kingdom He has prepared for us. This Book is the only physical connection we have with our Maker, His Spirit and our prayers are our spiritual connections. I personally reason that reading books about the Bible clutter of the truth with unnecessary thoughts and opinions. I want His words straight from His book, without human thoughts mingled within His pure truth. Since understanding God’s word is a gift, direct through His spirit, I want no other influences, distractions or distortions. God doesn’t need any help giving you what you have asked for and I know He wants us to understand all, that is why He gave us this most valuable manual, the Bible, whatever version your conscience leads you to read. "Jesus answered them and said, My teaching is not Mine, but of the One who sent Me." (John 7:16).

   God's needed daily nourishment allows me to keep better focused on the important things and helps me with the challenges that get in my way, it settles me and even organizes my day. It involves some time but the rewards of studying the Bible are far beyond what I ever imagined possible and far more important because it is truly life giving. I am overwhelmed by His response to my request for understanding and His help in my journey. He wants all of us to arrive at His home and will help whoever asks, with sincerity. I know you will have a similar experience when daily seeking God’s nourishment as part of your daily routine.

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