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   I walked into a Christian Book Store and witnessed the multitude of Christian literature and it dawned on me that if someone would read all these books written on God's word and not the Bible itself, they still would be lacking the pure understanding that He wants us to have, in its simplest or complex form, but if we read just the Bible and seek to receive God’s blessings of understanding, our understanding of God's messages would certainly be more accurate, compelling and complete, because he would reveal it to us by His spirit. Considering one simple fact, that all these other books are filtered through man, a generation away from what the spirit of Christ has shared with the Bible writers, understanding and knowing that man is short of perfect. It has been my accumulated understanding that God's word is the only sure connection to the truth, more then any sermon, book, article or communication with another person. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, sermons and books have their value, but they can’t replace God’s direct word. When the Bible is frequently visited and seriously considered, clarity and understanding is continually increased, for this is a gift from God for the ones determined searching for the truth of His character and His instructions. Sermons are sometimes  more inspirational and move the soul, where the Bible is more educational and used for guidance and for the correct following of God’s purposes. Reading the Bible connects the reader to God, where a sermon tends to connect the viewer/listener more to the speaker because of the audio and the visual presence. Because of this effect on the viewer, a good sermon can be lost by a poor speaker, or an incorrect sermon can be accepted as truth by a powerful presentation or a personable speaker. Sermons are generally not investigated by the listener, because few take the time to jot down the supporting text or little interest in researching the topic was presented. A list of all verses used in a sermon (assuming the sermon is planned out) would be helpful if listed in the church bulletin, more would use this information, since it is already available.

    When our motivation is seeking the truth, God blesses the people who spend time reading, searching and studying His word, which reveals to Him our dedication and He rewards us with understanding and wisdom. It may be difficult for some to accept this but our education or intelligence has little to do with whom God blesses with clarity and the understanding of His concepts and truths. Unfortunately, the statistics on the amount people read the Bible is lower then I expected and this has been confirmed to me when talking with people about how much they read the actual Bible. Most churchgoers think they read a fair amount, but they tend to include books “about” the Bible as reading the Bible, which, certainly does not qualify. I can’t say if this is acceptable to God, if we have the real Book and choose to read something that is filtered through man, you’ll need to discuss that with Him in prayer. I’ve found that few have ever read the Bible in its entirety, but secular books are usually read from front to back, even religious books about the Bible are almost always completed. Isn’t it more important to finish the Original and leave some of the other books incompletely read? Of course this task takes time and a personal commitment but the rewards are far beyond the effort spent. To reach the truth is worth any and all effort because anything other then the truth is a waste of time, even dangerous. If you hear a sermon and fail to investigate the subject, can you be certain that it is the truth and Biblical as God intended?

    God’s judgments are based on the Bible's contents and not on any or all the sermons, books or video presentations. Too many people assume that the speaker has done a complete study of the subject, but if you investigate the subject yourself, you might find some discrepancies or better yet, find further support on the topic, either case, you will be more sure and versed on the subject and more committed and inspired to share this message with others that didn’t have the benefit of hearing that particular sermon.

   Forever, the message is, "read the Bible" for yourself to receive the blessing of needed understanding that God is anxious to share with you and any doubt you may harbor will soon be replaced with a brighter light. We now have the ability and the tools to search this precious Book (Bible), unlike a few hundred years ago. We are a blessed generation with access to much information; we should use this advantage to study the most important things, first being God's word. Because of our general Laodicean (luke-warm) attitude about studying from the source of truth, indicates to me that we are truly near the end of time, and we should be studying harder, even feverishly, even if the end isn’t as soon as we might expect or desire, each of us have a personal end, whenever that is, we won’t know until it is too late! We have no control of the first death (a sleep, because we will all be resurrected), when or how, but we do have control over the second death, halleluiah! That is the decisions we all personally need to make, to follow our Sheppard, Jesus, sent by God Jehovah for us to seek righteousness, following Christ on the straight and narrow path, homeward bound to God’s Kingdom, learning to avoid the second death, the everlasting death. The contents of the Bible are directed to us personally and for us, directly; it is about us, for our benefit and for our salvation. Read all of God's word and reap the glorious benefits of understanding the truth. Praise Jehovah.

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