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s3MyrtleSurf.mp4 wUtah 2010 Pre.mpg
Utah 2010
Myrtle Surf
2010 was my latest trip to Utah and was on my cycle. Dave joined me on
the trip out but ventured south to Texas to visit his friend. 10 days travel
out and 6 coming back, with a week in Utah, camping and photographing
this Indian country landscape. Flat top Mts., canyons and very open roads.
The original edited is 45 minutes.
This was my first Music Video of images taken at sunrise in Myrtle Beach
during a golf vacation. The music is Norah Jones’s first CD “The Nearness
of You” and of course I back her up on bass. If only the pleasure. was real.
Excellent voice but her piano style is a special treat. These are fun so I’ll
be doing more of these.
wUtah 2010Ap.mp4
One Song Long
Small Taste
Larger Taste
A word about my videos, they are for the enjoyment of doing them, I do like sharing them but  in no way
Are they trying to be anything but casual low-tech entertainment. I seldom have a pre-conceived idea of
what I want to do. It’s not a waste of my time but it may be for you, who knows?
More will be added later
sFlorida '08.mpg
Florida 2008
wFlorida 08 Mu.mp4
This trip was for visiting friends and family and to experience the Keys.
I did enjoy the get away to a warm climate. My sister just moved to Florida
and my retirement was on it’s way.
wJim Thorpe.mp4
Jim Thorpe
A short of the town Jim Thorpe (originally named Mauch Chunk) from a
day bike ride and to test out HD recording. The music is from Fernando
Ortega, solo piano CD: “Meditation of the Heart” (gold) Song: I Love to
Praise Your name” (Chris Zaugg). Only one length available (Wide Screen)
No Short wRoad To  O's.mp4
An early video filmed at the beginning of the big snowstorm back in 2002
(I think), visiting my friends the Onyx’s, going to and heading back home
As the snow deepened. A lovely snowfall, over 2 feet deep, fortunately I
Had my Bronco II. Again, no purpose or reason, just to do on the spur.
No Short
Road To O’s
Onyx Cove
No Short
A visit to my friend the Onyx’s at their place at Captain’s Cove, Maryland.
Involving a trip out to the ocean in his boat and back, about a 2 hour trip,
one way, through a town and waterways. A thunderstorm at my campsite
and a trip through the local town. No purpose, just to document the trip.
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