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“O Sacred Head Now Wounded” Piano: Trina Murphy
“I Will Follow Thee, My Savior” Piano: Trina Murphy
“How Deep the Fathers Love” Piano: Trina Murphy
Mail: me@joelzarska.com
E-mail: me@joelzarska.com
“Bare Trees II”
“Sweet By and By”
Piano: Trina Murphy
gwYouMe R3.mp4 BareTree II.mp4
“O, How He Loves You Me”
Piano: Gerald Wolfe
wGodLead 2.mp4 wJF LoveChild mp4.mp4 wJF LoveGod.mp4 iJF PassMe.mp4
“God Lead Us Along”
Piano: Gerald Wolfe
“I Am Thine O Lord”
“Jesus Loves the Little Children/Jesus Loves Me” Piano: Janice Faber
“The Love of God”
wgw IAmThine P2.mp4
Piano: Gerald Wolfe
Piano: Janice Faber
msParkBench.mp4 mDeepFathersLove.mp4 Sacred HeadPr.mp4 igwJesusLoves II.mp4
“Jesus Loves Me”
Piano: Gerald Wolfe
wgwSoftTend R1.mp4
“Softly and Tenderly”
Piano: Gerald Wolfe
iJF GiveMeJesus 3.mp4
“Give Me Jesus”
Piano: Janice Faber
iJF GreatFaith.mp4 iJF BeStill 5s.mp4 iJF GiveMeJesus 3.mp4
“Give Me Jesus” Piano: Janice Faber
“Be Still My Soul” Piano: Janice Faber
“Great Is Thy Faithfulness” Piano: Janice Faber
“Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior” Piano: Janice Faber
FO PraiseName 2.mp4 FO LivingWater 2.mp4
“Living Water”
“I Love To Praise Your Name”
Piano: Fernando Ortega
Piano: Fernando Ortega
The Music Videos are simply visuals added to music I appreciate and then I add
My upright bass accompaniment.
JF Surrender 2s.mp4
“I Surrender All”
Piano: Janice Faber
JF FatherWorld 5so.mp4
“This is My Father’s World”
Piano: Janice Faber
JF Holy R5s.mp4
“Holy, Holy, Holy”
Piano: Janice Faber
JF InGarden 2.mp4
“In The Garden”
Piano: Janice Faber
You Me R4.mp4
“O How He Loves You And Me”
Piano: Gerard Wolfe
wUtah 2010 Pre.mpg FO PraiseName 2.mp4 FO Morningstar 1.mp4
Utah 2010”
Piano: Janice Faber
“Praise Your Name”
“Morning Star”
Piano: Fernando Ortega
Piano: Fernando Ortega